Looking for Green Bay dog grooming?

If you're coming from Green Bay, I'm just a 25 min drive away.

Driving Directions

  1. Head along Golf Road / Pleasant Road towards Glen Eden
  2. Turn left along West Coast Road towards Parrs Park
  3. Continue straight through Glen Eden
  4. Continue around Parrs Park, then straight onto Parrs Cross Road
  5. Keep going straight onto Henderson Valley Road, straight over the roundabout at the top
  6. Turn right onto Candia Road, after a couple of mins
  7. Keep going for 5 mins, eventually passing under the railway bridge
  8. Turn right onto Swanson Road
  9. Turn left onto Birdwood Road, after half a k
  10. Turn left to continue on Birdwood Road, after a couple mins, nurning next to the BMX park.
  11. Turn left onto Crows Road, heading up the hill, after 200m
  12. Turn left onto Patrick Rice Drive (second road on the left)

I'm number 57 on the right, look for the signs :)

Dog grooming in West Auckland

A quiet, relaxed home grooming salon, located in Birdwood Heights, West Auckland.
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